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We currently have an issue with our telephone lines. If you need to contact the Academy and are unable to come to reception, please e-mail office@redcaracademy.com – thank you. (Last Update: 28/09/2016, 7:48pm)

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“The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.” - Sir Michael Wilkins - Academy Principal and Chief Executive

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Spellings of the Week VMG Winners July 16

Posted on 26 Sep 2016
Mrs Cumming’s VMG group Canada were the form who gained the highest scores for spelling of the week for this half term.(pictured)  Well done to

It’s more than fair at the Fairtrade Late Breakfast!

Posted on 19 Apr 2016
Redcar Academy’s Fair Trade enrichment club held its first event of the year during the last day of Fairtrade fortnight. The Late Breakfast served up

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Work of the Week

Week Commencing 26/09/16

Spelling of the Week

Week Commencing 26/09/16

“Word of the Week” is part of the Academy’s ongoing strategy to improve students’ literacy. Students are being taught the importance of language and the need for a good vocabulary, both for their school work and as an essential life skill. There is an Academy W.O.W. which is displayed around school and on the website, and its use is reinforced by VMG tutors and in school assemblies. The word will link to the assembly topic for that week and is designed to make students confident in their use of a range of complex words and their meanings.

“As vocabulary is reduced, so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify. Man grows by language.” – Sheri S. Tepper